Another Cancellation

Today I am running 3 miles, not a long distance, but this is the final week of tapering for what would be the Casper Marathon on Sunday, June 7th.  I am sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that the Casper Marathon was cancelled, a victim of COVID-19.  As a member of three online running communities, it was a daily event to read posts from runners announcing that the next race they were signed up for was just cancelled.  If Cheyenne Frontier Days is the Daddy of ‘em all in regard to outdoor rodeos, then the Boston Marathon is the Daddy of marathons, and the Boston Marathon was recently cancelled for the first time in history (although now apparently it will be held as a virtual event in September).

I thought about continuing my marathon training routine and running 26.2 miles on Sunday, but while I would have the mileage, it wouldn’t be the same.  Looking back at my second blog post, I said about my first 5K, “and I learned what I really loved about running…. being around other runners.  The atmosphere for that run was more like a carnival and I loved it.”  Without the packet pickup, getting my running clothes/gear organized, attaching the bib, the comradery of the other runners gathered at the Casper Events Center early on Sunday morning, stretching, watching everyone’s pre-race routine, using the restrooms (once, twice…..maybe a third time) before gathering at the starting line, the countdown, the starting gun, and pressing the start button on my Garmin watch as I begin, it just wouldn’t feel right.  So, I have transferred my training calendar over to 2021, all geared up for June 6th, the date of the 2021 Casper Marathon.  For everyone, I hope you stay healthy.  For the runners, I hope to see you at the start line one day soon!